2016 -2017
Date : 2016-10-04

Schedules have been Posted for 2016 - 2017 - The Pack is not returning this year as they have had some attrition to its players who could not return.

2016 Champs
Date : 2016-03-21

Congradulations to The Smokies who are this years 2016 Champions

Boni-Vital Old Timers Hockey League Teams and Stats

Overall there are 6 teams in our league and though we do not track indivudual stats or each player what we do is track the overall performance of each team and how they are ranking on a weekly bases.

Below you will find the only stats we track and on a weekly bases these will be updates as information comes in. Also at the end of each team column you will find a link to your individual Game Schedule.

Teams Games Played Wins           Losses        Ties        Points        Schedule
Da Bears 32 29 1 1 59 Game Schedule
MacD 30 22 7 1 45 Game Schedule
Smokies 30 21 8 1 43 Game Schedule
Bugs 29 10 14 5 25 Game Schedule
IDC 30 4 22 4 12 Game Schedule


2 28 1 5 Game Schedule

If there are any inaccuracies to the stats or if there are any issues with the information provided here please contact your team rep or a league administrator and we will get it corrected as soon as possible.