2014-2015 Boni-Vital Hockey Season

October 11, 2014

Wecome to the 2014-2015 Boni-Vital Old Timers Hockey Season

This year we have the same 7 teams from last year returning to our league, but we have made some changes to the number of refs for this year in an effort to ensure the safety of our players. We will have 2 referees for each game for this season. Another new feature is this website, this will be the first year of this site and it has gone up before season opener on the 14th. Schedules have been posted for each team so simply click on the hockey icon above to see your schedule.

Site Features

List and maps of the rinks we play at

Posted schedules for each team, if changes take place we will update the site

News and announcement for ice times, announcements for events

Player lists for each team in an effort to provide names to faces (Make it more friendly to play)

method of channing new players and possibly teams into the league

Team stats and placement through the year

Please come back and visit often for stats, updates and of course to check the schedule online. Thanks and look forward to seeing you on the ice.