2016 -2017
Date : 2016-10-04

Schedules have been Posted for 2016 - 2017 - The Pack is not returning this year as they have had some attrition to its players who could not return.

2016 Champs
Date : 2016-03-21

Congradulations to The Smokies who are this years 2016 Champions

Boni-vital oldtimers hockey league 

Boni-vital oldtimers hockey  league is a  non contact league which provides recreational,social and physical benefits for adults 38 years and older. Goalies 30 years of age and older.

League, team, player


The boni-vital oldtimers hockey league, league executive and all teams that constitute the league assume no responsibility for personal injury. Each player must play at their own risk and sign a personal waiver of liability.

Suspensions will be dealt with through the league disciplinary committee, made up of the league executive, team reps. Their decision will be final.


A new team entering the league will be on a 1 year probation.

Any team displaying poor sportsmanship or disruptive conduct will be dealt by the league disciplinary committee. If a team is removed from the league that team will forfeit to the league all monies paid and ice for the remainder of the season.

Teams are responsible for the conduct of their players.

Team rosters are a maximum of 22 players.

Each team must have a goaltender and at minimum of 6 skaters to start a game.

Team captains only to discuss calls with referees.


A new player entering the league will be on a 1 year probation.

Any player displaying poor sportsmanship or disruptive behavior shall be removed from the league and forfeit all monies paid.

Any player showing up for a game intoxicated will be asked to leave the game for their safety and the safety of others.

Each player must play a minimum of 12 games to be eligible for the playoffs. 

All players must fill out game sheet prior to game.

Rosters and waivers:

All players must sign the waiver of liability form. Team reps to give forms to league designate by waiver deadline. Any team who plays a game with a player who has not signed the waiver will be fined $100.00

All players must be on the roster to be eligible for league play. Team reps to hand in forms by designated roster deadline. A $100.00 fine will apply if a team is found to be using an ineligible player and all points removed.

Additions to the roster after the deadline must be approved by the league executive and team reps.

Rules and regulations:

Hockey manitoba (maha) and hockey canada (caha) rules apply for the boni-vital oldtimers hockey league.

Absolutely no body checking.

No slap shots or snap shots allowed.

Players in the crease will constitute a whistle and a face-off outside the zone.

Fighting is absolutely prohibited. Any fighting will automatically result in forfeit of game by both teams. Suspension will be a minimum of 3 games. Second offence will receive a lifetime suspension.

There will be no line changes in the last 2 minutes of the game by a team leading by 1 goal. Leading team  may only change on the fly. If the leading team is caught making a line change during stoppage of play, a penalty shot will be awarded to the other team.

In the last 2 minutes of a game with a 1 goal difference and a penalty is called against either team, a penalty shot will be awarded to the other team.

Penalties and suspensions:

Suspensions will be dealt immediately by the disciplinary committee. Any appeals should be brought to the league executive, to be dealt with by the disciplinary committee. Appeals cost $100.00 and is non refundable.

Minor penalty - 3 minutes from drop of puck

Major penalty - 5 minutes from drop of puck

Match penalty - will be an automatic 10 game suspension. A second match penalty in a season will be a lifetime suspension.

A deliberate intent to injure will be an automatic lifetime suspension. No second chance.

Slap or snap shots will be a minor penalty, unless aimed at other players, then a major penalty will be assessed. 

Major penalty will be called for any misuse of the stick. A 1 game suspension is automatically assessed.

Any verbal abuse of the referee will result in a game misconduct and a 2 game suspension.

3 penalties in one game is a game misconduct and player receives a 1 game suspension.

Any major penalty and a game misconduct and player receives a 1 game suspension.

Any player receiving a misconduct in the last 10 minutes of a game will receive a 1 game suspension.


Boni-vital oldtimers hockey league, revised 2014